The Gardner Marks Foundation has hit the ground running! After officially becoming a 501(c)(3) in the spring of 2016, we held our inaugural fundraiser event, Gardner's Gala. The Gala was a stunning success, with over 500 attendees, as well as additional support from over one hundred other donors who were unable to attend. With the generous donations received at the Gala and in the following months, we have focused our efforts on finalizing our relationship with Maria Fareri Hospital and donating the proceeds to families in need. We are extremely proud of our progress to date:

  Sara Martinez and her family are     one example of the financial aid              we have provided

  Sara Martinez and her family are     one example of the financial aid              we have provided

Helping Families with Financial Relief

We have donated to a number of patients and families to help manage expenses, allowing the family’s main focus to remain fighting for their child. A few examples include:

  • Prepayment of several months of mortgage and rent payments
  • Prepayment of several months of oil, electric and gas bills
  • Prepayment of car insurance and car loan payments
  • Gift cards covering groceries, car services, phone cards, and recreational activities (i.e. movie tickets)


The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) is a non-profit organization that funds research to improve the care, quality of life and survival rate of children & young adults with malignant disease.

This year we have donated to support Dr. Mitchell Cairo and his continued research with Stem Cell and bone marrow transplants.

Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, located in Valhalla, NY, is the hospital where Gardner received treatment for his illness. It is the fulfillment of a vision for a family-centered facility that combines the highest-level care possible in the most supportive and therapeutic environment. 

During his recovery process from his bone marrow transplant, Gardner was looked forward to weekly massages to ease his physical pain as well as help him remain emotionally balanced.

Our foundation has initially donated to the Pediatric Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Program (PONIMP) towards providing approximately four hours of massage therapy for 26 weeks for inpatient population of ages 13-25. We intend to renew this aid every 26 weeks.